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    Reg. No 44103015509
    Registered address: Rīgas iela 32, Valmiera, Valmiera municipality, LV-4201, LATVIJA
    Telephone: +371 64281250, +371 26515556

    About Us

    ZAAO SIA provides quality waste management services – waste collection, sorting, transportation, treatment and disposal in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as public information and education.

    Vision – to be an innovative and industry-leading company providing quality services to a responsible customer, while preserving environmental sustainability.

    Mission – to promote sustainable development in Latvia by offering modern and responsible resource management solutions for people and the environment.

    Values – cooperation, professionalism, determination, loyalty, responsibility, development.

    ZAAO SIA is a public-private company of 8 municipalities – Balvi, Cēsis, Limbaži, Saulkrasti, Sigulda, Smiltene, Valka, Valmiera. 

    Company structure

    Region of operation

    Integrated Management System

    ISO 9001; ISO 14001


    Apliecinājums ilgtspējas indeksam 2023

    In 2023, ZAAO received a gold rating in the Sustainability Index. It is a testament to the company’s ability to implementation of responsible and honest business practices, promoting sustainability. 

    ZAAO - ģimenei draudzīga darba vieta2022 The status of “Family Friendly Workplace” has been granted to ZAAO until 30 November 2024 and it confirms that the company not only implements the requirements set out in legislation regarding families with children, but also additional initiatives and activities, taking care of the harmony between the private and professional life of employees.

    ZAAO ilgtspējas indekss 2022In 2022, ZAAO received a gold rating in the Sustainability Index. It is a testament to the company’s ability to deliver high results year after year in five key areas: strategy, society, environment, market relations and working environment.

    ZAAO Partners

    ZAAO Projects

    Project launch 2022

    ZAAO will assess how to offer this service more efficiently to customers, whether they understand what kind of waste can be placed in the BIO waste container, what would be the most appropriate frequency for emptying the containers, etc. The pilot project is scheduled to run until 30 December 2023. The pilot project will be implemented in the Leona Paegles iela block of Cēsis and in the streets adjacent to the block.

    Project launch 2022

    Climate change is about to become a climate crisis and the project “Re:waste – how Sweden is rethinking resources” shares experiences and solutions on how we can collectively avoid climate change by engaging businesses, governments and consumers.

    Project launch 2022

    Improve the implementation of Structural Funds in waste management and improve regional and inter-regional ecosystems.

    Project launch 2022

    Promote regional sustainability and circularity by introducing waste as a resource concept.

    Project launch 2021 | Funding 8 540 675.04 EUR

    Establishment of a Biodegradable Waste Treatment Plant (BWTP), reducing the amount of biodegradable waste to be disposed of, thereby increasing the efficiency of waste utilisation.

    Project launch 2015 | Funding 483 129 EUR

    Establishment of a Biodegradable Waste Treatment Plant (BWTP), reducing the amount of biodegradable waste to be disposed of, thereby increasing the efficiency of waste utilisation.

    Project launch 2022 | Total budget:of the project 4 284 280,00 EUR

    The H2Value project aims to create the first inter-regional green hydrogen value chain in Southern Estonia (Tartu region) and Northern Latvia (Vidzeme region), thus contributing to the EU climate targets and the transition to a green economy.

    Project launch 2020 | Total budget:of the project 195 252,62 EUR

    The main objective of the project is to expand the knowledge base on carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies for municipal solid waste (MSW) in an approach that integrates CCS into the “energy from waste” concept. The project therefore aims to develop the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from municipal waste recycling (the so-called CCSW- Carbon Capture and Storage from Waste).

    AEC Daibe

    Address: AEC “Daibe”, Stalbe rural territory, Cēsis municipality, LV-4151, LATVIA
    Telephone: +371 64132822, +371 28394140

    AEC Daibe Activity

    AEC Daibe is a treatment and disposal site for municipal waste in the Northern Vidzeme region. With the support of EU funds, the landfill is no longer just a site for waste disposal, but a multifunctional REGIONAL WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTRE where the following takes place:

    AEC Daibe is a fenced and guarded territory where waste is treated and disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The landfill started operating on 26 November 2004. Its operation is organised in accordance with the conditions of the permit for polluting activities of category A issued by the Valmiera Regional Environmental Authority of the State Environmental Service.

    AEC Daibe Territory scheme



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    Administration building

    2 of 24

    Parking lot

    3 of 24

    ECO lot

    4 of 24

    Sorting line for recyclable materials

    5 of 24

    Waste mechanical pre-treatment centre

    6 of 24

    The first waste repository

    7 of 24

    The second waste repository

    8 of 24

    Composting area

    9 of 24

    Reverse osmosis leachate treatment plants

    10 of 24

    Leachate pool

    11 of 24

    Fire pool No 1

    12 of 24

    Biomass cogeneration station

    13 of 24

    Machinery garage with storage

    14 of 24

    The third waste repository

    15 of 24

    The fourth waste repository

    16 of 24

    The future BIO waste recycling plant

    17 of 24

    Landfill leachate RO treatment plant

    18 of 24

    Machinery and containers parking area

    19 of 24

    Raw material area

    20 of 24

    Fire-fighting pond

    21 of 24

    Biowaste recycling plant fire-fighting water intake point

    22 of 24

    Storage shelter for secondary raw materials

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    Dabas un tehnoloģiju parks URDA

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    Environmental Education

    Environmental education is one of ZAAO's strategic activities.

    ZAAO educates and informs the public through various activities and campaigns, encouraging participation in improving the quality of the environment.

    Environmental education activities and interest education programmes are implemented in the Nature and Technology Park URDA (DTP URDA), located next to AEC Daibe.

    URDA provides learning in, about and for the environment through licensed interest-based education programmes, a study tour of the landfill, events and activities.

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